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  • Offshore Technical Services and Hosting
  • Legal and Tax Advisory
  • Total E-Business Offshore Migration Services

Our mission

Migrating e-businesses to offshore jurisdictions to achieve greater profits.

E-commerce Firewall Protection Due to the virtual nature of e-commerce enterprises, many have the opportunity to substantially lower their costs of operation through effective outsourcing, domicile management and tax planning. There is no need for costly on-shore operations that incur high operating costs. Here’s why your business would benefit from our services:

1. We are a one stop shop for offshore setups

Working offshore can be extremely frustrating without the proper experience and contacts. Cultural and language barriers often result in unfulfilled deliverables. Differentiating between honest and fraudulent service providers can be a huge challenge.  At Mindbay we take care of everything from incorporation, merchant accounts, banking setup to hosting, annual filings and online marketing.   Save time and money!

2. Full Project Transparency

All migration projects are fully transparent.  Using our online project management tool you can view the status of all tasks.  All project deliverables are clearly presented along with costs and timelines.

3. Full end-to end support

Our dedicated account managers speak English. Unlike offshore service providers that often have difficulty communicating in English and miss appointments, we are available anytime. We can even arrange for you to visit our offices while you take a relaxing vacation at one of our trusted partner resorts.